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Day 03

Concluding our history of animation, our homework was to draw self-portraits in different styles, then come in this morning and practicing scanning and coloring in Flash. My three styles: Simpsons, Disney, and Old Mickey Mouse (although it looks very Muppet-like). Which is your favorite?

Then we had to figure out on our own how to make a person jump over a tree based on what we learned yesterday. It took a while, but I finally figured it out. Lesson, students: stick with it. Move past the frustration and you can surprise yourself.





Finally, my animation project will be about perseverance when I have set a goal for myself. This is a tangible example of positively visualizing oneself accomplishing what you would like to do. Students, start figuring out what your goal-setting animation will be about. Mine sounds deceptively simple, but perhaps after animated-me can do this, real-life-me can do it too! Wait to see beginning storyboard later this week!


3 responses to “Day 03

  1. Dad ⋅

    I like the Mickey Mouse style!

  2. Jenny Schindler ⋅

    I like the Micky Mouse one too, but the Simpsons one cracked me up!

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