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Day 06

Animatic is done; or “done enough”. Time to move on. We finished them in the morning, after ten hours of work. Even after all this work, I know there are some different camera angles that I will use in the end scene.

In the afternoon we heard from a guest speaker, Richard Gorey, animator with 30 years of experience and professor at the School of Visual Arts. Big takeaways from that presentation:

  • Have motivation for every decision that you make.
  • Every shot is an opportunity to draw the audience in.
  • Generally there are 12-15 drawings in each second. (My film as of now is 100 seconds, so I will need 1500 drawings!)

Tomorrow begins our scene-by-scene completion of the final piece!


Students: Middle school is a good time to start thinking about what you want to learn in college and where you might want to go, so click on the links below and start reading about some of these schools.

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2 responses to “Day 06

  1. Lauren ⋅

    1500 drawings?! How long does an artist generally spend on a short piece of animation? Such a cool class!

    • Yep. Hopefully I will work smarter and figure out how to do less. The length of time is determined by the intricacy of the drawing. That’s why many animations are simple shapes. My drawings won’t take long because I mostly want to:

      1) Learn new software,
      2) Learn the best ways to teach people technology skills,
      3) Just finish,

      At this time, finishing is of more importance than perfection. As our speaker said yesterday, if we want to revise we can always go back later to fix things, but now is the time to dive right in.

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