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Day 11

Most recent version below. You will see new intro (took 7 hours to complete), magazine sequence (took another 7 hours to complete), and multiple calendar page flips (you guessed it, another full day’s work). The color is a little off in this preview, but it doesn’t really look like that. Everything is a shade darker.

I’m feeling the pressure of being down to the wire. Got organized over the weekend. Your files on the computer should always be organized by name and number (Final_01, Final_02) and in folders (Bitmaps, Scans), but paperwork associated with projects should be all kept tidy in case you need to use your originals again. Appreciate my nifty new binder below, complete with my schedule for how I plan to finish this:

Organization is something Parsons does well here. First, they have really nice equipment; hundreds of computers in several labs on different floors in all of the buildings and all of the software is the most up to date. About 1/4th of the computers have their own scanner next to them. The desktop is clean with minimal icons and people aren’t allowed to save anything on the desktop. The hard drive is partitioned into a separate “Work in Progress” drive that students are encouraged to work on. We “work local” which means save things in a folder on the “Work in Progress” and then at the end of the say, move everything from that folder to your own USBs and external drives. Working with such big files directly on outside storage often means software crashes, work is lost, and people cry. We’d like to avoid all of that. Also, there is a server (located on the dock) that houses all software, media players and internet tools. Additionally, Parsons subscribes to DropBox so we can scan something using one computer and open it on another, or send things to our instructor and vice versa. However, they have it timed to wipe clean everyday at 11:50am so it never gets junky. Students also log into the computers with their own usernames and passwords and that is how they print, too. Anytime you want to print a page, you enter in your Student ID and PW, tell the computer which printer you want to use, it tells you how much it costs and you approve if you want to spend that amount. Right now I have a $150 credit towards printing, but I imagine once that expires it would be a bill. These fantastic labs are certainly giving me ideas for how to organize our labs at school. (Edited to add this PDF file that captured screenshots: Parsons Computers. Please download for reference.)

Now off to see Memphis on Broadway!


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