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Day 19- Last Class!

Ta Da!

This has been a great experience, thank you Fund For Teachers. I’ve had the opportunity to experience tech lessons and expectations for students at the college level, learned how to use Adobe Flash CS5, created an example for students when we do our (not as complex) animation unit, all while living, exploring, and enjoying a summer in New York City.

A final thought about ability to learn. Teachers know and repeat the mantra that “All kids can learn.” Let’s expand that and recognize that all people can learn. At first I was a little apprehensive about the class; I was one of the only people out of college (because honestly, how many adults do you know can take off 4 consecutive weeks from work?), and the age difference did make me a little uncomfortable at first. I know teachers who think new technology is for young people and they’ll never catch on, and students who are afraid if they can’t do it right the first time, they won’t even try. There’s a lot to be said for willingness to learn and being comfortable with not being good right away. If we believe that others can learn, we must believe that we can learn and succeed too.

-Take risks. Push through problems. Celebrate your victories.-

That’s all, folks! Thanks for following a tech teacher learnin’ more about technology.


2 responses to “Day 19- Last Class!

  1. Dad ⋅

    Congratulations, looking forward to you coming home.

    Are you bring a copy of the DVD?

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